Themed colorful restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine and real grill and BBQ on wood, which is located in the heart of the historic part of Lviv with a very convenient location, cozy terrace and a large hall, where you can see how to prepare the most delicious Lviv ribs, steaks and sausages. , supplemented with author's sauces! Lemonades of different flavors, made only from natural ingredients, branded compote and many other drinks and cocktails quench your thirst, and a huge selection of author's tinctures and infusions will be able to satisfy the choice of probably every guest. And for dessert, we will offer you sweets made by our chefs, and the most delicious real homemade ice cream of different flavors in Lviv. We have been preparing your favorite Ukrainian dishes for over ten years! Our concept is delicious at home! Come to us and feel the atmosphere of a real Ukrainian courtyard, complemented by the warmth and comfort of the renovated hall with a true grill! We accept orders for banquets and organize ceremonial events.

Grill menu. We work on the American smoker grill, which allows you to cook both ordinary dishes on the grill and in the smoker: it is a process of long-term smoking at low temperatures (90-100s), which allows you to cook your own smoked meats, sausages, ribs, and unique beef ribs and brisket, torn pork-meat black and charred on top and juicy inside, pork just torn into fibers - now we are working on it). We cook exclusively on beech firewood and coal.

Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:30 daily without weekends
Phone: +380 (98) 476-01-42

Address: 79007, Lviv, street Mikhalchuk 1

Delivery is from 11:00 to 21:00.

We work with delivery companies Glovo, Rocket, Bolt food. We also have our own delivery.

The cost of delivery varies depending on the distance to the institution.

When ordering from UAH 500 - free delivery, delivery area - 5 km.
Home delivery (not to the door).
Payment only by card.