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Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Lviv with delivery

Nowadays, Lviv is rich in various types of entertainment and places to go. Restaurants in Lviv are also very popular, because they are where you can enjoy a variety of dishes and drinks, taste some themed items and more. But it should be said that every day it becomes more and more difficult to find a real Ukrainian restaurant with traditional Ukrainian food. Restaurants and cafes in the center of Lviv are increasingly absorbing modern trends. However, you should not be upset if you have not yet found a restaurant where you could appreciate all the subtleties and flavors of authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Visit us at the Ukrainian Courtyard and we will treat you to our best dishes.

Restaurant of real Ukrainian cuisine

If you are looking for a cafe or restaurant in Lviv, where you could get acquainted with the culture and try real Ukrainian food, we will be very happy to welcome you to the restaurant "Ukrainian Courtyard". We are ready to offer you:

  • menu rich in authentic Ukrainian dishes and traditional drinks;

  • several halls with terraces for you to spend your romantic and cozy evenings;

  • children's entertainment areas and all amenities for your children;

  • Ukrainian banquet menu;

  • diet menu for those who control their diet;

  • convenient location (near the center of Lviv);

  • high level of customer service;

  • free shipping service, etc.

Your best Lviv evenings will be remembered not only by the landscapes you saw, but also by the unsurpassed taste that Ukrainian food will leave in your memory. You can always choose dishes to order with you, or order delivery from a restaurant, if you do not want to be distracted from your journey.

Not all restaurants in Lviv can boast of such a traditional atmosphere and design with live music. Ukrainian songs that enchant every visitor are always heard in the Ukrainian Courtyard restaurant. We are on a quiet and cozy street near the Opera and Ballet Theater. This street is pedestrian, but is further than the popular establishments in the heart, so your holiday will not be hindered by crowds of noisy tourists.

Our restaurant has very reasonable prices, so your breakfast, lunch or dinner will not be too expensive for you. Our establishment can be useful if you plan to celebrate a birthday, wedding or other event, or vice versa, when you like quiet family gatherings. In case of a large event, we have a wide banquet menu, which presents the best and cheapest items.

A place worth visiting if you are looking for a place to go in Lviv

The Ukrainian Courtyard restaurant with extremely affordable and fascinating traditions opens its doors to you every day, so that you always have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Ukrainian crazy culture and food. Dishes based on old Ukrainian recipes and new trends in the direction of cuisine will not leave you indifferent, and if you add to them interesting and cool infusions of their own production, the taste of your meal will remain a vivid memory for a long time.

Also a feature of our restaurant is its Smoker Grill ribs with BBQ menu. You can order and taste delicious Lviv ribs to which the beer assortment of the restaurant fits perfectly. By the way, here you can appreciate your own Lviv production of delicacies, such as:

  • homemade sausage;

  • special dumplings and potato pancakes;

  • steaks and ribs;

  • lard in salted and smoked form;

  • marinated herring, etc.

All dishes have a really affordable price, which is not a pity to pay for such delicious offers. By the way, "Ukrainian Courtyard" offers a loyal level of pricing compared to other well-known restaurants in Lviv. Our staff will be happy to give advice on the choice of dishes and drinks, and tell you which items you can choose from the banquet menu. Good mood and full immersion in the traditional Ukrainian atmosphere are guaranteed. Romantic dates, family evenings, meetings with friends, birthdays or weddings — we are happy to welcome you at any time.

It is worth noting that in the 2021 season we conquered the rating of restaurants in Lviv. The top establishments have been replenished with the name of our restaurant, thanks to the quality of our dishes and service, and we can proudly say that we are in the top 10 restaurants in the city.

Food delivery in Lviv

If you are looking for the queries “food delivery Lviv” and “next to me” on your phone, you will probably find it useful that “Ukrainian Courtyard” has introduced free delivery within the city. Cheap delicious traditional Ukrainian dishes have become even closer to you. Now you can easily order home:

  • first and second courses;

  • cold and hot snacks;

  • salads and side dishes;

  • barbecue dishes;

  • desserts;

  • author's tinctures, etc.

Taste authentic Ukrainian in Lviv — come or order dishes from the Ukrainian Courtyard restaurant!